Stihl Motorgeräte AG

- STIHL – Waiblingen (GER)
- STIHL – Virginia Beach (USA)
- STIHL - Sao Leopoldo (BR)
- STIHL - Qingdao (CN)

Piston Pins & Crank Pins

Mahle AG

Mahle Ag

- Stuttgart (GER)
- Austria (AT)

Piston Pins


Kolbenschmidt Neckarsulm

- Neckarsulm (GER)
- Czech Republic

Piston Pins



- Bazzano (I)

Biggest manufacturer of built crankshafts in Europe

Crank Pins

Federal Mogul

Federal Mogul

- Nuremberg (GER)

Piston Pins


Gildemeister GMC 20

Since august 2013, we have a new 6-spindle lathe GMC-20 made by Gildemeister in use. On this machine piston pins an crank pins with large production lots are produced. The maschine is equipped with bar loading magazine and inner cooling and we also use it to manufacture piston pins with an conical bore.

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