Crank Pins

  • Our crank pins, for built crankshafts, are produced on turning machines. The outside edge chamfers of the crank pins are manufactured using special vibrating grinding machines. The advantages of vibrating grinding of the edge curvature are:
    • The pressing is perfectly aligned due to the precise chamfer of the circumference.
    • A shallow outside form angle is important in producing higher transferable engine torque of the built crankshaft.
  • We finish the crank pins in our own heat treatment and grinding department.
  • If required the crank pins can be coated in order to increase the transmitted torque. (up to 100 %).
  • We produce only according to customers blueprints.


Gildemeister GMC 20

Since august 2013, we have a new 6-spindle lathe GMC-20 made by Gildemeister in use. On this machine piston pins an crank pins with large production lots are produced. The maschine is equipped with bar loading magazine and inner cooling and we also use it to manufacture piston pins with an conical bore.

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